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EastWind Associates

We offer programs in Cross-Cultural Training, Business Etiquette, and Chinese Language Training, all designed to help you and your organization succeed internationally. Our founder, Stephanie Guo Singleton, MBA, GPHR, brings her years of consulting and HR experience in China and the United States, working with multi-national corporations and the world’s leading HR consulting firm, to assist you.

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Cross-Cultural Training

Understand the World

Business Etiquette

Be Comfortable in All Environments

Learning Chinese

Communicate in Chinese

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Talking Business

Cross-Cultural Training

Understand the World

Consider these scenarios: 

  • Your company is sending you to Shanghai for a week… Your organization is sending you to Beijing, Shen Zhen, or Hong Kong for a two-year assignment. What do you need to know about Chinese culture and Chinese business etiquette? What will the Chinese already know about you and your culture?

  • Your Chinese business partners are traveling to the United States. What do they need to know about American culture, so their visit will be the most productive for all involved? 

Different cultures assign different values to everyday events. 

  • How should you address people you just met?

  • What does it mean to allow someone to "save face?" 

  • What is the proper dress code for men and women?

  • What are the socially acceptable behaviors for men and women?

  • Should I bring a gift if business associates ask me over for dinner?

  • Should I expect a firm handshake from my hosts?

  • When in China, should I arrange meetings far in advance, or is it acceptable to just drop in for a meeting?

  • What are the rules for using cell phones?

  • EastWind Associates can help you understand these and many other Cross-Cultural issues.

Business Meeting

Business Etiquette

Be Comfortable in All Environments

Etiquette is all about presenting yourself with the kind of polish that shows you can be taken seriously. Etiquette is also about being comfortable around other people, and making them comfortable around you.

Proper etiquette is much more than just eating with the right fork. Many people may feel that if you can’t properly present yourself in business and social situations, you may lack the judgment and self-discipline to be trusted with other responsibilities.

  • Dressing appropriately for various occasions for men and women: business attire, business casual, etc.

  • How to make a proper introduction

  • What type of handshake is appropriate in business?

  • Who should be introduced to whom?

  • Proper etiquette and modern technology: cell phone, Blackberry

  • Dining Etiquette - Proper table etiquette you can take anywhere.

  • The art of eating and behaving well at the table

  • Proper behavior for a host, hostess, and guests

  • Proper table settings

  • EastWind Associates can help you understand these and many other Business Etiquette issues.


Learning Chinese

Communicate in Chinese

EastWind Associates offers individualized and group Chinese Language classes to adults, children, and teens, at any level of proficiency, from beginner to expert. 

With EastWind, you learn Chinese from company president Stephanie Singleton, a native Chinese speaker, who has studied both Chinese (Mandarin) and English since early childhood in Qingdao, China.

 Ms. Singleton earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English from Qingdao University, where she was her Class Valedictorian. She also holds an MBA from Peking University/Fordham University.

 Our Learning Chinese programs are available exclusively in the New York metropolitan area.

  • Chinese business language experts

  • Individual and small group programs

  • All levels of Chinese language proficiency, from beginner to advanced

  • Contact us for additional information.

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